******2011 Blizzard******

Posted by: cheryl

Well, as you can see - we did get that snow.  All 18-20 inches of it. The top picture is our a/c unit outside the back door, buried in the snow. the bottom picture is my porch swing on the other side of the back porch buried in the snow also....   It was amazing to watch it snow so hard and tso long.  That wind was really blowing.
All the family was stuck at home yesterday.  They are still here today.  Ritzy shoveled snow in the driveway and sidewalk.  He had to do the sidewalk 3 or 4 times.  By the time he would get finished it would be covered again.  We could not open our back door all the way til he shoveled some of the  snow away.
The daughter's boyfriend (fiance) thought he would drive his 4-wheel drive to work and get the equipment to pull people out of the ditch.  Well, he got stuck, but he was close to the place where the equipment was so he got the loader and graded a road, did a little work and finally got his truck unstuck and headed to the house.  He was 3.5 miles away (across the lake) when he called and said he could go no further.  There was a truck stuck in front of him and an emergency vehicle behind him coming after those people in front of him.  I tried to tell the daughter to tell him to go with those people cause it was COLD outside.  But NO!!!!!   He gets out of his truck and starts walking in knee-deep snow to the house.  All this is about to get the best of me.  So I go to the  kitchen and proceed to make some potato soup.  Well the daughter comes in the kitchen and proceeds to tell me that she is going to go meet her guy.  I do not like the idea, but I really can't blame her.  I make sure she has enough warm clothes and she goes on her way to meet him.  He is at the bridge at this time, about 2.5 miles away.  I holler at Ritzy and tell him she needs a light because it is after 5 at this time.  He comes after a light and I tell him that she is not to go alone.  He goes with her and after a while I hear him come in.  I ask where they are and he said his feet were getting too cold.  He only had on rubber waders at the time.  He gets his feet warm, puts on his army boots and heads back out the door.  He meets up with them finally about a half mile away from the house.  About 30 minutes later they all walk thru the door.  I was a mess while all of this was going on.  When that soon to be son-in-law walked in I told him how glad I was that he was ok, but then I grabbed his shirt and told him that if he EVER tried anything like that again, that Ritzywife was going to "punch his lights out."
After all that.... we all grabbed a bowl of soup and had our supper.
I hope everyone stays put today......&
I hope to get outside to take some more pictures later.
Ritzywife out...................................

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