Spring Is Just Around The Corner

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Only 3 weeks away, and it is playing hide and seek.  It warms up a few days then turns cold.  Hard to believe it is March 1st already.... Ritzy and I have been switching between turning off the heat and turning on the A/C - turning off the A/C turning on the heat for the last couple of weeks.  It's just that time of year in Oklahoma.
He told me that he was talking to his brother in Wisconsin last night and found out we have received a lot more snow than Wisconsin so far this season. 
Ritzy was also telling me that his parents are doing fairly well.  His mother fell and broke her hip.  She had to have hip replacement .  Ritzy's brother said the recovery is going to be very slow.  We will be going up there in a couple of  months.  His brother already invited us to stay with him and his family. Gee, I sure hope it isn't as hot as last year.  Their home does not have air conditioning.  The week we were up there was one of the hottest times during last year.  hmmm
Ritzywife is thinking about that garden and planting flowers....and let's not forget crappie fishing!  I love this time of year!!!!!!  Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, and it is beautiful......but my favorite time of year is Spring.  I love watching everything come back to "life".   My jonquils are up and getting ready to bloom.  The only thing is - this is when we usually get a heavy snow.  We will just have to wait and see. 
I hope the weather cooperates with my fishing plans this year.  We live close to a creek that runs into the Oologah lake.  The bank is rocky and the crappie come up in there (if the water temp is right) to spawn.  This goes on for about 6 weeks starting in late March-early April thru May.  But the temperature has to level off.  Has to make it in the 70's - 80's during the day and not drop below 60's at night.   The way we are going now....it's going to be interesting to see how things turn out.  If I am lucky it doesn't flood me out of my fishing hole.  That's the bad thing about where I fish.   If we start getting a lot of rain, the lake rises and floods out the creek.  Then the only way to get to where the fish are is by boat. 
The daughter and her fiance are about to get their house ready to move into.  They have spackled the walls in the bedrooms, bathrooms, painted and are getting new carpet tomorrow.  This has turned into more work than they had planned, but they are about finished.  Still have to replace the kitchen countertop.
She is getting things ready for her wedding day, also.  All this while both of them are working full time.  Oh well, they are young....they can handle it ;-)  that's why you do this stuff while you are young, haha!!
I have a Dr.'s appointment in a couple of hours.  Its's that yearly exam every woman looks forward too......not!!!  I just keep telling myself that tonight it will only be a distant memory, hehe!!
Speaking of tonite, after returning home from that appointment, I have to get supper started.  Think I will go with chicken.  Last night we had homemade chicken and noodles...and yes, the noodles were homemade too.  The daughter and fiance came home and got the noodles out of the refirgerator and headed up to "granny's with them.  She said granny (my mom) wanted some too........The future son-in-law said they were delicious.......
I also tried a new recipe out  on hubby and the son.  I saw the recipe in a magazine the night before.  It was a German pancake.  It tasted pretty good, and was so darn easy to make. 
Ritzy told me last night that he did not know how he would have survived all these almost 28 years without Ritzywife's cooking ;-)
 I thought that was sweet.  He sure can put that food away tho,  I just look in amazement at the amount he eats and stays so fit.  He ate 3 bowls of noodles last nite!!!!  plus dessert.....I did good to eat one!!
I am glad that he likes my cooking......I love to cook for my family.....even tho sometime's it can be a challenge, but, I like challenges too.....
Speaking of cooking, I am going to have a new stove delivered tomorrow.  The stove I have used all these years doesn't have a see-thru door, it is also one of the cheaper models made.  I thought I deserved a nice stove for all this cooking.  This one has 5 burners on top, a grate all across the top, the middle can be used for an oversized pot or griddle, and better temperature control, a lot of other features and the most important (to me)  a self-cleaning oven.  I will probably be giving my brother a call to come help Ritzy install it.  All it will cost is a  steak (cooked on the Weber grill) dinner and a homemade cobbler.  No problem for Ritzywife.....
Wow, when I sat down here to write, I thought I had nothing to say.....but as you can see, that was not the case.
Ritzywife out...........................

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