Busy Holiday

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This Christmas season has been one of the busiest I have ever experienced.  I thought things were supposed to "slow down" as we get older, just like our bodies do, haha!!!   Not so, I am finding out.  Ever since Thanksgiving it seems I have been going non-stop. 
The daughter and son-in-law left today for home, the son followed to help them transfer stuff from their garage to the storage barn.  Also, to help hang their tv on the wall, and to set up the baby crib.  I was cooking beans and cornbread and the daughter came in my room and said, ahhh you're having beans and cornbread?????  That is one of her favorite meals.  I told her that as soon as her dad got home I could bring the cooked meal to their house and we could all eat together, plus, the two younger guys might need the older guys help, haha!!
We were stopped at Oologah getting gas when the daughter called and asked about a bracelet that someone lost during her wedding in April, she couldn't remember who lost it.  Guess she found it while moving stuff around.........I said, yeah it was mine......My sister had given it to me while I was busy decorating that afternoon and I was so busy that I just put it in the box of decorations.  Well after the wedding decorations were taken down and some discarded I got to looking for that bracelet and could not find it anywhere.   I just assumed that I had thrown it out by mistake and never thought I would see it again.  Well.......I now have that long lost birthday gift.  YIPPEE!!!!!  I called my sister and told her the good news.....she could hardly believe it....I am not gonna let it get away again!!
This family devoured those beans and that cornbread.  What didn't get ate, the daughter wanted for tomorrow.  There wasn't much left, but I gave it all to her.  The guys got the t v hung on the wall while Ritzy sat on the couch and watched.  Keri and I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few items. 
Ritzy and I are now back at home..............alone!!!!!  The son is going to stay there a while to play video games.  It is quiet in Ritzywife's home for now, and I am enjoying it.   I don't want it quiet all the time, mind you........... but sometimes quiet sure sounds good!!
I am thinking about when to take down the Christmas decorations........when the mood strikes is when it will get done and not any sooner.......
It keeps gettting closer to the twin's due date ( if they go to term it is the first week in April), and we are all getting excited.  I just feel for Keri and all she is having to deal with right now.  I have no idea of how uncomfortable she has to be feeling, but it will surely be worth it all to welcome those two precious baby boys into the family.........  My prayer is that she and those babies will stay healthy and have a good delivery.
Don't have any New Year's plans.....we just get together and eat some good food and play games or watch t v at mom's or our house.  New Year's Day we go to Mom & Dad's to eat those black-eyed peas for lunch.
That's about all I can come up with tonite so for now................Ritzywife out!

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