Still Fishing

Posted by: cheryl

Yes, the fish are still biting.  This past weekend was great.  The son and I caught 35 crappie on saturday.  On Sunday (Mother's Day) we did not have night church so we went fishing and caught 29.  I don't know what happened ....but today I caught only 10 fish.  Really surprised me.  I was looking to catch more.  But, I can't complain......we are getting all we can eat, give to friends, and put in freezer to enjoy at a later date.
I was down there at 5:45 this morning and fished til 8 this a LOT of sun.   I think I will "sleep in" tomorrow.  I have some bookwork for the church to get done and I just want to spend some time outside in the yard.  When the son gets home from work, if he wants to go...then, I will probably go fishing.

I had an interesting experience while fishing today........I was looking around and when I looked back I noticed a snake just a few feet in front of me.  That snake picked the wrong rock to "sun" on.  I started beating that thing senseless with my fishing  pole, a couple of rocks, and a big stick.  "You don't mess with Ritzywife"  haha 
My brother-in-law finished him off.   I hate snakes!!!!!
There are 3 different reactions when a person is faced with danger.... Fight, Flight or Freeze.  Well, my reaction is FIGHT!!!!!  and that snake soon found that out, hehe!!
With that, Ritzywife is out......

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