Welcome September!!!

Posted by: cheryl

WOW it's September 1st already......although is is still supposed to be over 100 degrees here in Oklahoma for the next couple of days.  But in a few days our temps will be in the 80's. WOO HOO!!!!!!  I have forgotten how that feels.  This will be a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.
I have been busy running back and forth to the hospital to visit my niece.  She is now in Rehab and will be there for the next 2-4 weeks.  the rehab will be very hard, but something that has to be done to improve her life.  She still has to deal with the tumor after rehab is done.  I know she misses her kids and home and they miss her.  She has been in the hospital since August 3rd.  This has been quite a "learning experience" for all of us. 
Our family cookout is monday, and it won't be quite the same knowing the niece is in the hospital.  Her husband and her mom (my sister) will probably be there and they might take the kids down to see her.  I told Ritzy last nite we all should just take the "cookout" to her.......
Ritzy is busy getting his firewood ready for his customers.  It will be time to start up the woodstoves, fireplaces before long and they want that wood in place and ready to go.
I spent time yesterday with the daughter.  We did some errands and ate lunch together.  I told her to keep taking good care of those "babies"..... I just feel for her having to deal with the nausea part of being pregnant.  I told her that once those babies are born, she will realize that everything she had to go thru will have been well worth it ;-)
That's about all I have for now...........Ritzywife out......

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