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I finally remembered to take a picture of the fish before they were cleaned.  The last post, I stated that I wasn't sure when I would go fishing Tuesday this week.  Well I got to the "fishing hole" around 9 that morning and left at dark.  The son and I ended up with 60 crappie.  Tonite we had 30.  I have put so much fish in the freezer, I can't believe it.  I told someone today that I'm going fishing now for the pure love of fishing and not because I need the fish.  It will all be cooked-----you can bet on that, hehe!!!
We have caught between 250-300 crappie so far this year.
I have a sore spot on my thumb from dropping so many of them into the basket ;-)
I had to stop fishing this evening to go to a wedding rehearsal.  Got back and cleaned the fish.  It is now 11pm and I just finished eating my supper (pizza)......sure hope I get to sleep tonight.
It is supposed to rain late tonight and early in the morning.  I hope it does so I will stay home and not go to the fishing hole, haha......I need the rest.......I woke up yesterday morning at 7 and went back to bed, thinking I would get up in a few minutes....the next thing I knew, my phone was ringing and it was the son asking me if I was fishing and I said no because it was kind of rainy outside.  He asked if I had just woke up and I said "yes".  He then  asked if I knew what time it was and I told him I didn't.  he proceeded to tell me that it was 10:45am.  I could not believe I had slept that long.  I guess I needed the rest........
Speaking of rest, that's where I am headed........Ritzywife out.........

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