Where Does The Time Go???

Posted by: cheryl

It seems as I get older, the time just goes by faster......I saw the last time I posted on here and could not believe it had been a week already.  I have been pretty busy.......fishing, of course.   The fish slowed down on the biting due to the weather.  It's about to get straightened out now, but the spawn is about over. 
I put some more crappie in the freezer tonight and there is a"mess" in the refrigerator to cook later this week.  I cooked some spoonbill (paddlefish) and hush puppies tonight.  My brother gave it to me last week.  It was pretty good but doesn't compare to crappie.  It has a stronger flavor and  a tougher texture.  It almost tastes like chicken.
I have a wedding to play the piano for this weekend.  My niece is getting married on Saturday afternoon.   It's great to see all these kid's grow up and start their own lives.  I think I am helping serve refreshments also.
Still pondering whether I am going to go fishing early in the morning or wait til the sun is up for a little while ;-)
Ritzy and I are planning a trip to Wisconsin later next month.  I am looking forward to getting away and visiting our family up there.  I really hope is is warm up there.  It has been crazy here in Oklahoma weatherwise.  It gets warm, cools off, gets warm cools off etc.....I am ready for it to get warm and stay that way....and with that Ritzywife is out~~~!!!

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