How Low Can You Go?!?

Posted by: cheryl

Can you believe it?!?!?  Oklahoma is in the freezer....... That was the temperature (NOT WIND CHILL) here in Winganon this morning.....We have had the most amazing weather that I have ever witnessed.  First of all we dealt with a blizzard about a week ago and a couple of days ago both  record snowfall and cold temperatures.  There is about 3 ft. of snow on the ground in our yard and drifts up to 4 & 5 ft.
The Oologah lake ( just a mile west) is frozen with about a foot of snow on top of the ice.
Even though all this is going is still beautiful, so I am trying to enjoy it instead of whine about it.  Here is a picture of the latest snowfall added to the snow we recieved last week:

My patio table and chairs are almost covered up and the swing by the porch is covered.  That red thing peeping out of the snow is a lawn chair.  Ritzy sure has had his fill of shoveling snow for a while.  He was even at the roof shoveling snow  by the porch to prevent ice dams.
Speaking of the lake is a picture of the snow drifts ON the lake taken from the  road crossing the lake looking to the north. 
Ritzy and I made a trip into town to get the poor little birds some seed.  We grabbed a snack and I asked if we could just go park on the road and just look at the lake for a while and eat our lunch/snack.  Just a chance to be alone and out of the house.  With all this bad weather and 5 adults in the house.......there isn't much "alone" time for anyone.
I hear it is supposed to warm up by this weekend....then we will be dealing with the slushy mess this melting snow will create.  Ritzy and I are having to put off starting our garden becuase of the snow...Usually have our potatoes in by middle of February to first of March.  That is just so hard to imagine.... seeing all this "white stuff" around.
Well, it's time for Ritzywife to get off here and fix this crew some supper.
Ritzywife out....................

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