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That's right.....the daughter called yesterday and informed me of this little fact.  I asked her if she was "toying" with me and said it wasn't funny.  She said NO, Really Mom......Oh my gosh, when I finally composed myself-- I was so happy.  I got to see the ultrasound pics today.  They are 6 weeks and 2 days along according to the ultrasound.    Those precious babies are beautiful.   My prayer is that they be safe along with our daughter/their mother.  I called my sister and she was just silent and shocked, the sister-in-law just squealed.  I called and told Ritzy and he just said---Are you kidding me?  It was just so funny the way he said it.  He sounded very happy.  I was kidding the daughter, because my mom always told me that a person pays for their raising.  Well I "smarted off" and told mom that she must have been really bad if I was her payment.  she failed to see the humor in that.  Well I told Keri that if she was having twins then she must have been twice as bad as I was, haha!!!  I have to say that her hubby is elated also.  The "morning sickness" isn't necessarily in the morning and seems to show itself when she eats anything spicy or fatty, or fried.  I told her she may have to change her eating habits for a while and to really watch what she eats.  I really feel for her, because as any mom will tell you-----Morning sickness is NOT fun!!!!!!
My mom and I spent some time at the hospital with my niece today.  She still is having trouble expressing her thoughts and identifying pictures that her therapist shows her and remembering things that just come so easy for us.  Her right side movement is still very limited.  I don't know if this is all from that new tumor or the biopsies performed.  We are also still waiting on the second biopsy report.  These results will decide the next course of action.  She will likely be put into rehabilitation in the hospital for a while after it is decided how to handle this new tumor growth.  It is not going to be easy either way.  It is so hard to see her in this way, knowing the way her life was just 2 weeks ago.  It may never be the same.   She is separated from her kids.  You know they miss her and she misses them.  The two oldest ones started school today.  The son is in the fourth grade and the daughter is in Kindergarten.  The other two girls are soon going to be 3 & 2.
It is just so strange....the feelings we experience knowing the heartache we are going thru with our niece, and the elation we feel about the daughter's pregnancy.
That's about all I have for now.......Ritzywife out..........................

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