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That's right....Oklahoma has experienced 2 significant earthquakes in the past couple of days.  The first one was in the wee hours of saturday morning.  I slept right thru that one.  The next one which occured at 10:53pm on Saturday nite, well, that one I was lucky enough to experience.
Ritzy and I were on our way home from a wonderful Gaither Homecoming Concert that night.  We were stopped at the light in Oologah at the HWY 169/88 crossing and while stopped I felt the truck moving.  I thought...well,  I just didn't have the brake pushed in hard enough, but I could not push it any more, then the light changed, we were on our way and I just shrugged it off.  A couple miles down the road I get a call from the son who was at home, along with the daughter and son-in-law and he proceeds to tell me about the earthquake.  He said he heard a low rumble then the whole house shook.  They were excited about it.  My words to him were - dang it, I missed this one too
then I said, oh wait, no I didn't miss it and proceeded to tell him about the experience back at the light.  He told me what time it happened and I realized that was the time we were waiting at the light.  WOW!!!!!!
2011 has been a year to remember for Oklahomans.  We had the record breaking snowfall and cold temps in the winter, terrible tornadoes in the spring,  drought and record breaking heat in the summer,  and now the earthquakes in the fall, it leaves a person to wonder what is in store to finish out the year here in this great state of ours.
On to other things...my niece who has that brain tumor had to be taken to the hospital saturday nite because she had a seizure that scared her mom (my sister).  It seems they were on their way to Tulsa at the same time we were on our way back home.  I told my sister that if she needed me, we would go straight to the hospital, but she told us to go on and if needed she would let me know.  I had plenty to do once I got home anyways.  I had to prepare my Sunday School lesson for the next day and I also had to make a copy of our Church Bulletin........those little jobs kept me up til almost 2 in the morning.   Good thing I at least got that extra hour to sleep.......I still haven't caught up on my rest tho.
The great-niece wanted to come home with us after lunch at Granny's, so I let her......that meant no Sunday nap for Ritzywife.....but my mom and dad had been watching the kids and they were tired so I helped out where I could.  The niece was sent home around 4:00 Sunday morning, and I was still awake, waiting for my sister to text me to let me know what was going on.  When she told me they were on their way home was when I was finally able to relax and go to sleep. 
Ritzy and I have a funeral to attend tomorrow at noon and I have to get our church report ready for Wednesday's business meeting.  The daughter wants me to go to an appointment with her Wednesday, so here comes another busy week.    I will have to start on that report in the morning and finish it tomorrow afternoon. 
All this thinking is making my poor little brain tired.......
I am about ready to call it a day/night and with that Ritzywife is out....................

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