Where Did "Boring" Go? I think it is gone with the (Oklahoma) wind!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I thought life would be slowing down after that last post....NOT!!!!  These past couple of weeks have been so busy.  I have been "doing" things for everyone else.  I don't mind it at all, but geez, what is going on here???
I noticed I haven't even had time to post  any new news.  Not that there is much, mind you, but still......
I have been running around going here and there trying to help out wherever and whenever needed.  I'm thinkin that this is about as "quiet" as it is ever gonna be because in 5-6 months those precious twins that the daughter and her hubby are expecting are gonna be here and life will NEVER be the same for Ritzy and I, hahaha!!!!!  That's what I told the expectant parents, told them they better get all the sleep they can now cause once those babies arrive,  a good night's sleep as they know it is.......... just gone....forever ;-)
Ritzy and I took those two "parents-to-be" out to dinner and a movie at Owasso this past tuesday nite.  We ate at Goldie's for a good hamburger and then watched the movie "Courageous" .  It was a really good movie about what God expects a husband and father to be....to stand up for your faith and make the hard decisions to raise your family with morals.  That is not easy in this world we live in today, but it must be done!
Ok, off the "soapbox".........today, Ritzy is splitting some of that firewood, and I am actually having a pretty easy day......so far......
I'm thinking about going into the kitchen to start some sourdough to rising for some yummy bread afterwhile...mmmm... i can already smell and taste it.....

So....Ritzywife is out!

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