Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I can hardly believe it.  I didn't have a speck of green on today and nobody noticed.  I did it on purpose, just to see if anyone would be brave enough to pinch Ritzywife, haha....
This month is flying by.  Spring is just a few days away and the weather is finally feeling like it should.  Today was beautiful, but I couldn't be outdoors due to a nasty cold that I acquired from someone.  I was also busy, busy, busy in the house today.  The daughter and future son-in-law moved into their house the night before last.  That meant that I could FINALLY get my house back in order.  I did not waste any time doing so.  It took the whole day, but "mission accomplished"....
The only thing I have left is to arrange my sewing table and craft items in the storage/sewing room.  That will be a fun job, tho.
The wedding is slipping up on us, just a few weeks away.  We are all trying to see if we have forgotten anything....I am almost sure there will be something we didn't think of but, you know....it will be just fine in the end.
The fish are starting to bite and I have not had a chance to go yet.  They are just beginning to come in to start their spawn for this season.  My brother and sister-in-law went fishing tonite and only caught some small ones.  My brother met the sister-in-law and the nephew at our house after work and they all went fishing.  I was frying chicken strips for supper  and realized it would not take much more effort to cook for 3 more........I realized brother was probably hungry after working all day.   I called my sister-in-law and told her I had a "doggie bag" to hold them over til they got home.  When they came in the house, I told them they may as well sit down and eat....we were just finishing and there were still plenty of side items left.  So, they ate and we got to visit for a little while.  I love doing things like that for my family.
Earlier  in the day,  I was talking to her on the phone and was telling her that I had a table that had some storage space in it that I wanted to give to the daughter because it was just too big for where I had it, but i needed a place to put my cookbooks and some other items.  She said she had just what I needed and she and the nephew brought it out.  It was perfect.  Now my dining table is where it is supposed to be ( not pushed against the wall) and 4 people can sit around the table.  I told you  I had been cleaning, ;-)   Before, there was that baker's table, my dining table, chairs, a file cabinet for the church and another small table in the dining room, plus some tote boxes due to the daughter's move back in November.  Not Anymore....  The only thing in the dining room now is the dining table and chairs. YIPPEE!!!! 
I should not be having any trouble falling asleep tonight, but we'll see.  Ritzy is sleeping right now and I am about ready to call it a day.   That being said....Ritzywife is out!

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