****Winter Storm****

Posted by: cheryl

We are under a "Winter Storm Warning" until Wednesday.  Could see some ice and 10 + inches of snow.......YIPPEEE!!!!
I love snow, even if it means being "cooped" up with the family, haha!!!!  It's also going to get really cold.  I keep telling everyone that it is winter.....it's supposed to be cold.  The only thing wrong with the timing of this storm for us is that Ritzy and I are going to Skiatook with my brother and his wife next Saturday for a music/comedy show.  With the temps not getting above freezing and that much snow------we may NOT be going anywhere soon......
A very busy weekend around here for me.  I do my family's income taxes online and they had me going at it pretty good all weekend.  Ritzy and I already have ours back.  I did some sewing for our Pastor & Family's new baby that is expected this week.  I have some more sewing for myself  lined up for this coming week while being "snowed in".
The daughter's wedding plans are going along pretty well.  Now I just pray for pretty weather in April.  Everyone is in bed and I am about ready to be there myself.  Looking forward to a slow Monday after a very busy weekend.
At least tomorrow everyone will be out of the house early and I can get things back in order.
This bunch thinks I am the only one qualified to do this job, or the only one dumb enough to do it......not sure.....will have to get back to you on that...
I am really getting tired so.....Ritzywife out...........................


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