Time Sure Slips Away

Posted by: cheryl

I looked at my last post and it was almost a month ago..........geez, where does the time go?!?

I've been busy fishing, being a housewife and mother, taking care of church business and so on....
As I was sitting here at my computer I suddenly realized that tomorrow was June 8th.......The reason I almost panicked is that tomorrow is our son's (firstborn) 27th birthday. WOW!!!  Again I have to ask "Where the heck does the time go?"
Our garden is doing well, my flowers are looking great....but this dry weather we are having is not good.  We are needing some rain and I am not sure when it will come.  It has been unseasonably hot so far here in Oklahoma.  Gee, you just never know what to expect when it comes to the weather..........Ritzy and I are going to Wisconsin next week and right now it is in the 90's up there.... I sure hope it cools back down to normal temps before we get there. 
My fishing is done for the year.  The crappie have spawned and are now in deeper water.  I ended up doing pretty well.  Got lots of fish in the freezer and had all we could eat while fishing....even gave some away.  I am going to take some up to Wisconsin with us and show them Northerner's how to cook fish and hushpuppies. hahaha!!!!
Well, its past 10 pm and I still haven't had my bath so I had better go...Ritzywife out..................

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