Happy Birthday!!!

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Today is my birthday....(#52)......WOW, I can hardly believe it.  Time is so precious, it seems to creep by until you get out on your own and start a career or family.  Then, it just seems to fly by.  I still find myself wondering where all the time has gone over the past few years.
My family had a "Taco Dinner" and cake and ice cream for me tonight at my sister's house.  We had good food and a fun time together.  My brother gave me a red rod and reel "Crappie Rig" for my birthday.  Red is my favorite color and fishing is my favorite pastime.  I plan on using it very soon.
My sister-in-law and nephew brought me lunch and we sat and played a board/card game all afternoon.  The nephew wasn't showing much mercy on his Aunt on her birthday....he won nearly all the games.......
It has been a wonderful day.  Ritzy is taking me out of town for a couple of days next week to celebrate.  This week was just too busy.  I am really looking forward to that.  He had told me a few months ago to pick out a place to spend a couple of days and nights.  I picked Oklahoma City.  I have always wanted to see the 45th Infantry Division Museum.  Ritzy served in the 45th Infantry (National Guard) for over 21 years  so I feel  we need to go visit the museum to learn about the history of our great Oklahoma National Guard.
It will be so nice to just "get away" from the stresses of our normal routine for a couple of days. 
I spent yesterday altering the daughter's wedding dress.  Talk about stress....WHEW!!!!!  I think we about got it where she wants it.  The wedding is only 3 weeks away.......
I am probably gonna need a vacation after that too, hehe!!!
It is getting late and this birthday girl is getting tired so I better get my rest because as you know ~~I am not getting any younger~~Ritzywife out...............

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