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It is almost 2:00 am and I am sitting here at this darn computer.  Too much is racing thru this poor little mind of mine.  My niece's brain tumor has decided to come back.  It has been only 6 months since she stopped her chemotherapy and had her last MRI which showed nothing.  Well in only 6 months time that thing has regrown to the  size of a golf ball and starting to cause her problems.  A couple of weeks ago she had a couple of bad seizures, which is how we found out it was back.  She has been seeing her team of Doctors and is waiting now on the ok for surgery. Tonight she experienced more seizures.  Her husband took her to the hospital, I guess they took another look and said nothing had changed and sent her home.  WHAT'S WITH THAT??????  Good grief, they know that thing is gonna come out.......but they have to wait on the procedure to be "approved".  Meanwhile we all sit and wait.  I told my sister (her mom) tonight that I was so sorry they were having to go thru this ordeal. I realize the whole family is experiencing  this nightmare,  but they are a lot closer to the situation than we are.    I just feel so bad for her kids and husband.  It seems that now she will not be able to be alone.......just in case she needs help.  she has a one year old, a two year old, a 5 year old and an 8 year old. 
Our  daughter has had a rough week.  She saw a doctor about a problem with her hand and they prescribed some steroids for her.  Well after a couple of days taking them she started to get dizzy.  This kept happening until finally today when she said she has felt better.   She was worried about that hand because that is how she makes her living.  She is a massage therapist, and a darned good one I might add.  Well, after giving the hand some rest, she says  it is doing better.  I sure hope so.  It is not a good experience to see your kids or family hurting and not be able to do anything about it.
My niece's surgery should be anytime during the next couple of weeks to end of the month.  That is all fine and ok, except Ritzy and I had rescheduled our trip to Wisconsin for the end of the month and now it looks as if it might get put off again.  Things sure are taking a crazy turn this year.
We will EVENTUALLY get up there.......
Oklahoma is drying up fast.   Lawns and gardens all around us  are begging for water.  It sure got hot and dry early this year.  Ritzy has been watering our garden. The few veggies we have been able to pick  have been wonderful.  Even tho he is watering, a good rain still can't be beat.  And the heat is keeping the plants from producing like they normally would.  I think they go into "survival mode"........
Well, I think I am finally getting sleepy.....gonna get off here and try to get some rest.
Ritzywife out...................................

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