Greetings From Wisconsin...

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Yup, you read that right.  Ritzy and I are here visiting his family.  It sure is cool up here.  We are enjoying the weather.  A welcome change from that Oklahoma weather we have just been thru.  Not much going on.  Ritzy has been visiting his mom and dad  every day.  They are in a place for senior adults in a town called "Kaukauna" about 15 minutes away from Appleton. 
Back home in Oklahoma, my niece should be getting out of the hospital today after spending the last couple of weeks in there.  She had blood clots in her lungs and legs, pneumonia and just not feeling well mentally.  This sure is hard on her and her family.  I feel so bad for them and try to think of ways to help.  Without God and His grace we would have never made it this far.
The daughter seems to be doing well this week.  The last post I had planned to go with her to her appointment then go to a dear friends funeral.......but as we all know even the best plans have kinks thrown in once in a while.  While at the Dr's office the daughter was going down to get blood drawn and suddenly felt dizzy and faint.  It was only a 5 minute trip but it took us about 40 minutes to get to the lab.  She laid down for a while then we went to the cafeteria to get her something to eat.  After finally getting the blood drawn and leaving to go home, I was running behind my "schedule" for the day.  I stayed at her home to make sure she was gonna be ok.  I then realized I was not gonna make it to that service, but... staying with my daughter, making sure she and those babies were ok was more important to this mama.
Ritzy and I are having a good time.....he has even sold some firewood while gone.  can you image that?!?  It gets cold and those people start wanting that wood ;-)
The son is holding down the "fort" at home .  I was trying to show him how to run the dishwasher before we left and he informed me that he would NOT be using it.  I said that was ok, but I had better not come home to a sink full of dishes, haha!!!
I am going to get my hair trimmed in a little while, its getting so long.  It gets down to my ears and neck and it is annoying.  I asked my sister-in-law about a hairdresser and she is taking me to the place she uses.  Ooh, it is going to feel soooo good to get that hair cut....
The day is starting and with that Ritzywife is out............


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