Isn't This Cute???

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Isn't this great?!?  This past weekend the son and I were headed to Owasso to buy groceries.  To get to HWY 169 we go west on the Winganon Road.  This cement drum has been on the side of the road for the past 30 or so years.  I guess you could say it has become a "landmark" around here.  Well, the past few years it has been painted red, white, and blue.  But......Saturday we saw someone just beginning to work on it and this morning the son called while on his way to work and told me what he was seeing.  I jumped up, grabbed my camera and headed out the door.  This is so cool!!!  I posted it on Facebook and the News on Six website.  It quickly  became one of their website headlines, WOW!!!  I don't know if it will make it to the news on tv tonite or not, but that's ok, at least it got some recognition.  The people who did it deserve to be applauded for their work......they did a great job!!
This past weekend was a busy one around here.  It actually started before the weekend.....Ritzy and I took Wyatt and Halley (great-nephew & great-niece) to the Chelsea Jamboree Thursday nite.  For $20 each they could ride all the rides as many times as they wanted all nite.  We grabbed some of that wonderful "carnival food" also.  Then Friday, Ritzy came in the house and was checking out the utility room when he discovered water around the water heater...............well, we then went to Bartlesville to pick up a new water heater.  Ritzy waited on the son to get home so they could install it.  Saturday we were all running in different directions, Ritzy was busy with his woodcutting, and the son and I went grocery shopping.  Sunday was church and Sunday nite we had a cookout at the church.  So.......I am hoping for a quiet week coming up.....we'll see.
The son just called and asked if i could meet him at the highway around 4:45 this evening.  He needs some clothes. I guess he is going down to help his sister and her hubby move some furniture.  I have told the daughter ( who, I remind you is carrying those precious twins) to not do any heavy lifting or straining!!!!
Puts kind of a "kink" in my dinner preparations but I guess we can just eat a little later than I had planned ;-)
Someone just came to the door and as I was standing there talking to them, I realized how beautiful it was outside and then asked myself why in the world I was in the house and not out there enjoying the wonderful weather...........
That being said.....Ritzywife is out!!!!


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