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I know people and things change all the time, but here recently the changes have been quite dramatic.
After going thru a summer of 100+ degree temps, today the temperature stayed in the 50's.   WOW!!!!
I am needing a blanket on the bed tonite......gonna soon be time for the electric blankie......
I fixed chili for supper tonite, it just seemed the right thing to cook after the cooler temps.  The daughter and son-in-law came over for supper.  It is so fun to watch the daughter going thru the "changes" that pregnancy is bringing about in her.....
I have been seeing the "change" in my sister, niece and the whole family after the niece's biopsy last month.  Our niece has gone to my sister's and her husband's home to be taken care of.  She is unable to do anything for herself.  They had to "change" out the bathroom to make it handicap accessible.  There is now a hospital bed in their living room for the niece to sleep in.  She has to get around by wheelchair or the Hoveround that Mom and Dad found at at an  unbelievably low price.   Someone has to be there 24/7 to help her.  This "change" in my niece affects the whole family.  Everyone is having to adapt and help out where needed.    I have been watching the toll it is taking on her kids also.  They are wondering when their mama will be "normal" again.  That is a hard one!!!!!!  They are wondering why she just can't talk like and do what she used to .
You know, I learned a couple of years ago when Ritzy was deployed that our "normal" can be changed in an instant, and we had better be able to cope and adapt or we are in a lot of trouble.
Ritzy and I took the two older kids to the Bluegrass & Chili Festival this last weekend.  We had a lot of fun.  The weather was finally cool enough to enjoy the event this year.  I haven't gone in years past because it was just so darned hot.  I could never understand why they would hold a chili festival near the end of summer. 
I can hardly believe summer is almost gone and Fall is soon going to be here.  I need to start getting my fall decorations out.  I hope I can remember what I did with them, hahaha!!!!   no seriously.......
Another "change" that happens as we get older, I guess ;-)
I played the piano for my Dad's cousin's funeral today.  There were a lot of family members there.  I had the chance to talk to a few Aunts & Uncles and friends.
Like I said earlier, changes are all around's up to us how we react.  We can fight it or we can find a way to just do the best we can with what we have and be thankful for what we do have.
That being said.................Ritzywife is out!

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