Chinese......Yumm, Yumm

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the insides of the egg rolls

assembly of an egg roll

stir-frying rice noodles
egg rolls

Yumm, Yumm...

I got brave enough to try cooking Chinese food tonight.  What I cooked was a lot easier than I had ever imagined.  Don't know why I ever waited so long now.  I was watching a TV show the other night and they were showing how this food was made and I could not believe the cravings I got from watching all that.

Ritzy and I  ate at a Chinese restaurant in Owasso last Friday nite and it was wonderful.  I decided then, that I was going to give it a try at home.  Boy, am I glad I did.  The only thing on the plate not made in my kitchen is the fried rice.  Schwan's has a wonderful fried rice so I used  that for tonight.  I have made the fried rice from scratch before and it turned out pretty good. I was running short of time tonight so I opted for "easy".

As Ritzy and I were eating tonite, I told him that I even surprised myself at how well the meal turned out.  I was worried that it would not have any  or little flavor so I added a few extra flavorings .  He told me that the egg rolls were better than the restaurants.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!

I love to cook!!!!!  I came from a family that loves to cook and takes great pride in their cooking !!!  Now... when I get to craving egg rolls, all I have to do is just make them instead of getting those frozen ones or waiting to go out to eat.  YIPPEE!!!

Now, on the the weather....It isn't even Winter yet and I am freezing.......which leaves me to wonder how I am going to do when Winter actually arrives here in Oklahoma, hahahah!!!!!
It is raining outside now and it has only been in the 30's and 40's the past couple of days.  Thank goodness for electric blankies!!!!!!  I would not survive without mine....I am thinking I need to invest in one of those electric  blankets that are made to be used when sitting and just relaxing ;-)      Maybe I'll send Santa a "hint" about what Ritzywife would like for Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, I have just about finished all my shopping for the season.  I went for "easy" this year and ordered a lot of it.  Now all that's left to do is WRAP!!!  I have threatened anyone's life here in this house if they even come near my closet, haha!!
I have been seeing friends and family putting up their  Christmas decorations and it's starting to rub off on me.  I am going to wait until after Thanksgiving tho. Just too busy for now.....

Changing the subject:
Isn't this beautiful?!?

As I was cooking tonite, I knew Ritzy was home, but didn't see him come in the house.  He asked me to turn around and showed me these flowers.  I asked if they were for his "girlfriend".....He said they sure were!!!!
He is so sweet........He sure surprised me !!!!!  I told him "thank you"  and that I loved them and him. 
Ok,  enough with this mushy stuff. 
Well, I am cold, so I am going to turn my electric blanket on to "Fry", I  mean High and go take a nice warm/hot bath to get warm and call it a night.   Ritzywife out...........................

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