~~~~Geez, It's A Hot One~~~~

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I know, it's been a while.  I've been waiting on my internet to get back up to speed.  This Oklahoma weather has gone  extreme this past year.  Back in the winter we were -30 degrees and now it is 109 degrees  and climbing as I write this.  Our garden started with so much promise, we had beautiful green bean plants, bell and hot pepper plants, okra, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes.  But because of all the hot, dry weather there wasn't much to harvest.  The potatoes were few and  small.  The green beans didn't even get a chance to produce a "mess".  The pepper plants have given up very  few peppers.  Usually okra does really well in the hot weather, but this summer the weather is so darn hot even the okra is having a hard time.  The saddest thing of all is the tomato plants.  I've gotten a few tomatoes..... the plants have looked the best of any Ritzy and I have ever had, but this weather is really doing a "number" on them.  Ritzy told me last night that he wasn't sure he could do anything else.  He has been watering them every evening, but that is no competition to the 100+ degree temps we have had since June.  I went outside yesterday afternoon just to see how hot it felt sitting in the sun.  took a thermometer with me and that thing went up to 120 degrees (in the sun).  I didn't last long out there.  I came back in to the comfort of my a/c.  I really feel for the people who have to work out in this mess.
Heard on the news that July was one of the hottest on record in our state.  June was also a hot one.  We were getting August weather in June this year.  I remember last year we only had a couple of 100 degree days.  This year is totally different!!!!!  I keep asking Ritzy, the son and the son-in-law if they are being careful out in this heat. I know they are "big boys"  and able to take care of themselves, but I told them that was just the "mama" in me ;-)
My daughter informed me the other night that there might be a grandchild on the way. WOO HOO!!!!!! This will be Ritzy and my first one....and it is about time!
My niece goes into the hospital tomorrow for her 2nd brain surgery in 2 1/2 years.  We are all a little anxious. It's gonna be a long day.....  I don't know how things are going to turn out, but I do know that  we will all be there for each other no matter what.......
Ritzy and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary last weekend. (7.30.1983)...I cannot believe how fast these years have gone by.  He asked what I wanted to do, and I told him that going to see a movie was ok by me because last weekend we had 2 birthday parties,  and a family reunion to attend.  I realized that the movie "Cowboys & Aliens" was playing and asked him if  we could go see a movie with that handsome Harrison Ford in it for OUR anniversary, haha!!  We both enjoyed the movie and our time together.   
Last night I watched "Rango" at home with the son.....Now that movie was "cheesy".  More dumb than funny.
I still enjoyed watching a movie with my son, tho.  Ritzy was outside getting wood ready for the winter.  He is crazy....!!
I hope everyone is able to stay cool.....Ritzywife out!!!!!

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