Special Flowers..........

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Aren't these Beatuiful????
Ritzy "colored" these and sent them along with other pages this past week. You see, my sister sent him a "just for giggles" box. It had coloring books, crayolas, a toy chain saw etc.... in it. Stress relievers.....So, Ritzy has been sending his "artwork" back home. If you look real close you can see that he signed this one.
About the chain saw......a few years ago I was stumped on what to get him for Christmas, so I thought since we have a woodstove a chainsaw might be a good gift. This is when Ritzy found out how much he loves cutting wood. He wore that poor chain saw out ;-)
I was telling my sister that he can hardly wait to get home so he can cut some wood. Well the nephew happened to have a battery powered chainsaw that he did not play with anymore so she sent it to Ritzy so he could "practice" till he returns home. He has it sitting on a file cabinet in his office. I think he has gotten some strange looks and questions, but that's ok.
We had a Family Reunion to attend today. The food was pretty good. Ritzy called just as I was finishing my lunch. I went outside to talk to him. Told him about all the "fun" he was missing. Yeah right.........he hates reunions, hahahaha!!!!!
Came home and took a short nap and then it was time for church tonite.
After church was over I went down to the sisters to visit with her grandkids for a while then returned home.
Gonna take it easy tomorrow, have some errands Tuesday, Friday.........

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