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Posted by: cheryl

I know,,,,it's corny but who cares. As you can see, we made that trip to Porter today. Me, my sister and that nephew. Gee, that kids mouth was going all the way down there and back. Me and Nana just tried to ignore him ;-)

The only bad/sad thing was that Ritzy called just as I was getting into Tulsa. Our normal 30 minute call was cut to only 5 minutes today. He said it was making him nervous to know I was driving in that town while talking so he said he would say bye. I could tell he was sad that we could not talk. I was too, but anyone who has ever driven in that crazy town knows that you need all your "wits" about you when you are behind the wheel.

I returned home and proceeded to make a peach cobbler. It is in the oven as I am writing. probably needs to cook about 10 more minutes. I have some vanilla ice cream that can't wait to sit on top of it. hahaha!!!!!

I bought me some yellow squash, onions and new potatoes, while there at the orchard. For supper - I'm getting ready to add some tomatoes, salt and pepper to those, mix it all up with some corn meal and fry it in a pan that I have fried bacon in. Talk about good home cookin '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping they would have okra, but the squash will do. After eating that then we'll go for the peach cobbler!!!

Well, as you can see, that cobbler made it out of the oven. Looks good!!!!!

I figured, what the heck, as long as I am taking pictures, I might as well take on of the "stuff" cooking. What else do you call it - (squash,tomatoes,potatoes,onion,bacon, & corn meal)?? haha!!

We just call it squash or okra (if we have okra), it is just a known fact around here that all the other stuff is added.

I am not planning anything for the rest of the evening. Just eat dinner, dessert and go outside for a little while.

Will be thinking about Ritzy, and how much I miss him and hoping everything is going well for him tonite.

I will be home tomorrow to take that call (from Ritzy). Won't have to worry about traffic...........

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