I Can Do Without Days Like This.....

Posted by: cheryl

This being Sunday and all, I usually take the day off from housework, blogging, or anything for that matter. But this day is something else so I decided to come on here and "vent".
I guess what started it is Ritzy's call. He told me yesterday that he would call between 1-1:30 pm Oklahoma time. I said that was good because it gives me a chance to eat dinner with my family and not have to be talking while everyone else is eating. One of the only things even close to normal that has gone on since this deployment. Well I got my salad and took the first bite and my phone rings. I thought it can't be Ritzy, because it was only 12:30, but here he was calling.......I am so glad to talk to him, but I was really looking forward to eating with everyone else. Then he tells me that he called early just cause he wanted to..............
I then come home and try to take a nap, and after a little while I needed to go into the bathroom. I was barefoot and stepped on a WET rug. ( Evidently someone had caused the toilet to run over) and just left the soaked rug in the floor. Wasn't very happy about that either!!!! I then put that rug in the tub until I could get home from church and wash it. I then went back to lay down but just as I was beginning to doze off that darn cell phone rings again and it is the daughter asking if we have certain food items at the house. I told her I knew of one of them but I was NOT going to go look for the other one cause I was trying to rest. I don't rest in the recliner, I was on my bed with the door shut to drown out any noise in the house........I guess she got mad and hung up. I then put my phone on "silent" ;-)
Then the son comes and asks me where something is and I tell him. Gee, when I need something, I look for it!!!!
Anyways I went to church and went down to the sisters for a little while. The little kids were with their daddy in the hayfield so I left. When I walked into my kitchen I about had a fit. Didn't say a word but proceeded to rinse the dirty dishes in my sink and load them into the dishwasher. It seems the daughter came home while I was at church and left me this little mess. I was NOT happy.
I then proceed to wash the rugs, then the daughter comes in and tells me that there is a basket of towels that need to be washed and wanted to know if I washed them. I then tell her I haven't even seen them, if she wants them washed she can do it herself. I already had my own things to do. After taking my bath I go into the utility room and find a basket of her clothes which were pretty heavy sitting on the ironing board which is next to the hot water tank. I put the basket in the floor and proceeded to tell her that it is not wise to put anything, especially anything heavy on that ironing board because it could fall into the tank where the propane is connected.
For smart kids, sometimes I have to wonder where their "smarts" are !!!!!!!
My dishwasher just finished, and I heard the dryer buzz so I am hoping things are getting back to "normal", whatever that is ................
I don't know if this did any good, but I sure feel better ;-)

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