Quiet Weekend

Posted by: cheryl

Boy, I sure needed a quiet weekend after the holiday on Friday. The only thing is, with Ritzy gone it is just about too quiet. The kids have their own things to do and places to go, and I am usually left alone at home. I sit and think about going down to the sister's house to spend time with her grandkids or do I just stay home and watch the hours pass by on the clock..........
It is no fun!!!!!
I had just finished lunch at Mom & Dad's today when Ritzy called. It is so nice to be able to talk to him every day and to just hear his voice. That 30 minutes sure goes by fast!! I came home, nothing to do so I laid down and took a nap til the daughter called me and woke me. Of course, she hung up by the time I answered the phone. It was only an hour til time for church again so i stayed up. I still feel tired because of being woke up instead of waking up myself.
Don't have anywhere to go tomorrow, I will just do a little cleaning on the house. The son mowed today, so that is taken care of......
The sister said she may have to call me tomorrow to help watch Sissy (3 year old) for a little while. You can believe she will keep me hoppin' & wishing for those quiet times, haha !!!!
I have sent Ritzy his nightly/daily email. I still don't like the fact that as my day is ending, his is just beginning. That is so hard to get used to......I hope he has a good day as always.......
I guess I had better go so I can get rested up in case I get that phone call ;-)

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