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That's right..... I can't wait for this deployment to be over. I recieved my anniversary card from Ritzy today. Of course it made me cry. A couple of reasons: one - I cannot believe how fast the past 25 years has flown by( with the exception of these last 12 months), and Two - Ritzy and I cannot be together to celebrate our 25 years together. I placed it on the table next to the laptop and Ritzy's picture, so that when I am at the computer I am looking at it.
Had a good conversation with him to day on the phone. We are just counting down the days until he returns home and we can go visit his family in Wisconsin for a few weeks.
We heard today that his mother was in the hospital and now in a nursing home for a little while for rehabilitation, while his dad is at home alone. Makes us even more anxious to want to get up there.
Me and the son took his car over to my brother's to fix the air conditioner in the son's car. If my brother can't fix it then more than likely it can't be fixed. He is a lot like my dad. They can do and fix anything. He and the son must have done a good job because it was pretty cool on the way home........
I came in the kitchen after the son got home from work and there was nearly new KitchenAid mixer on the table. he said my dad saw it in some apartments while on the job a few weeks ago and it was still there today so he asked the manager what he would take for it and they settled on $20. Can you beleive it??? A $200 mixer for $20.........I cleaned it up and it looks brand new(didn't take that much cleaning). I have always wanted one like that but I was not about to shell out that kind of money for a mixer. hahaha!!!!!!!
Dad has always been good at spotting or coming across bargains.
Already have a place on the countertop picked out for it ;-)
Guess I will have to do some cooking and baking to try it out.........Hmmmmm,,, maybe that was Dad's reason for getting it, ya think????
Anyways, thanks Dad!!!!!!!

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