Hurry Up & Wait....

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I feel like that is what I am doing. I go about my daily life, but all the while waiting on Ritzy's deployment to come to an end. Talked to him today, he is just as ready as I am for this to be over also.

Ran my errands, went to a neighbors and bought all the tomatoes they had for sale. I really miss that garden this year. While at walmart I was looking at the "fresh" okra and green beans. They did not look very good so I did not buy any. I need to drive around here and see if anyone else is selling anything out of their garden.

My dad usually puts in a huge garden, but even he did not plant anything this year. I think I have said this before, but ever since I was a child, this is the first year that my dad has not planted a garden. Part of the reason being: all the wet weather we had this spring made it pretty difficult to plant and also dad has just been really busy. ( even tho he is supposed to be retired)
Went to the sister's to play with the kids and on the way down there I noticed they were with their dad in the hayfield watching my dad and brother-in-law rake/bale hay. I stopped the truck and "sissy" got in with me while "bubba" rode his 4-wheeler back to nana's. They looked hot so we got something to drink and ran some water in their little pool. They had fun, cooled them off too.
When I left I noticed some clouds in the west. I had been home about 10 minutes when I was trying to send Ritzy his daily email when I noticed the tv satellite went off. The internet satellite also went off. I told the son that I was going to take my bath and try to get online later. He hollered at me and said the reason the satellite was off was because it was blowing and pouring rain outside. I didn't even hear it earlier. And where it came from, who knows???
As I was leaving the sister's I noticed the guys were still in the hayfield and found out later that they got "caught" in the rain ;-)
I called my mom and she said dad was soaked when he got home.
That shower just formed right over us and it rained for about 20 minutes.......
They did get all the hay baled though......thank goodness!!!!!
Well, tomorrow is the day that Ritzy and I will have been married for 25 years. It has gone by so fast!!!!
I guess I had better go for now and see where my thoughts take me tomorrow.

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