How I Spent My Wednesday........

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The pictures say it all.....My sister had some extra tomatoes. The brother-in-law got a little happy when he was buying tomato plants for the season ;-)

I bought the rest of the ingredients yesterday and spent today making salsa. It won't go to waste around here, I can guarantee you that much... We love it!!!! Took most of the morning. Only thing is - I should have worn some protection for my hands while handling those jalapeno peppers. haha!! I knew better, but oh well......
I had just enough left after filling the jars to eat for lunch with some chips. yumm!!!!!
I ended up with 2 gallons total.
I also had some "overripe" bananas, so I decided to make some banana bread. I'm surprised I hadn't forgotten how to cook, with Ritzy being gone ;-)
The kids are going to wonder what the heck got into mom..........
Ritzy called while the jars were in the water bath and of course the time was up while I was on the phone, so I told him I was putting him on "speakerphone" and he clammed up. I said where are you, and he said "I don't like speakerphone and I ain't gonna talk." Is that stubborn or what. He is so funny......So I finished taking the jars out and picked the phone back up. I told him he was nuts!!!
I think I just heard the last one seal, yippee!!!
My "maid" (dishwasher) just finished the dishes. Now all I have to do is wait and get ready for church tonite. Think I will throw a pizza in the oven for dinner tonite. The son knows I don't cook on Wednesday's anyways. Too little time to clean up kitchen before church. I have a "thing" about leaving a mess in kitchen. I just don't do it!!!! Wish the kids would pick up on that!!!! Also, during the summer I never know what time the boy will be home.
The daughter has been having to work long hours and has not been getting home till 10 or 10:30. I know she is young but, no matter your age you still need your rest...........
Speaking of rest, I had better get mine tonite because tomorrow my sister and I are going to Porter after some of those wonderful peaches. Sooooo, that means I will be putting up peaches Friday. May have to make a peach cobbler while I'm at it ;-)
Staying busy helps, at least for a little while, to keep my mind off how much I miss Ritzy. I am so ready to have him back home. From what I hear, he is also ready to be home. This waiting sure is hard. I will probably be saying this more than once, but the end of the month is coming up and I am sure am going to miss him on the 30th. We will be married 25 years on that day. I can't believe how fast these years have gone by.
He sent my card yesterday, I sent his card yesterday also. I told him, heck - they may even cross in the mail. Wonder who will get theirs first??????
Changing the subject a little, Ritzy about "had a cow" (wonder where that phrase came from) when I told him that I paid $3.99/gal for gas yesterday. I told him that I do not do any unnecessary running around. Somebody's gettin rich over this and it sure ain't us........
I guess this is enough thinking for one day, we'll see what tomorrow brings.........

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