Time Seems to Go By So Slow.........

Posted by: cheryl

Anyways it seems like it has during Ritzy's deployment. I found this wind chime in Branson this Spring on my trip with my sister-in-law. I decided when I bought it that it was going to stay in the house. I told Ritzy about it but he hasn't seen a picture of it.
Had a pretty easy day today. After mid-week church tonite I went back down to my sisters house. The little 3 year old and I sat on the deck watching the other older kids in the swimming pool. She kept wanting down, but mean ole me would not let her go. She can get away before you know it and she would have headed straight for the pool. It seems that I go there an awful lot, but I just can't go home and wait for bedtime, it's too lonely without Ritzy. These last couple of months of this deployment are the "pits" for lack of a better word......
I may go back down there tomorrow to help babysit cause the sister is busy doing fingernails all day and she needs someone to just watch the kids. I can already hear the little neice...."outside???" is the first thing she will ask, or she will ask "you wanna see Wucy (Lucy-the bassett hound pup)?
"Sissy" is so cute. She makes those sad faces and just melts my heart......
July 4th is almost here and I can still remember last July 4th so well. Last year I was thinking about how I would be taking this next year with my husband gone so far away. I am taking it just about the way I thought I would, no surprises here.........
I am so ready for this to be over. Probably sounds like whining, but who cares,,I don't like it and I am not going to pretend I do.
And then when I think about the last 25 years, it seems like the time has flown by. Where did it go? Why is it like that????
I think about how fast our kids have grown up and it is so unbelievable. It makes a person sad in a way, knowing you will never get that time back to do things over that you wish you had done different. You just have to rely on the fact that you did the best you could at the time. And always let everyone know that they are loved......One thing that it doesn't bother me to do is tell someone I love them or appreciate them. You never know what a kind word can do for someone.........
I love Ritzy and I have told him every day this past 25 years. I still tell him when he calls or when I send him that e-mail every night. He has done the same with me. I believe that is what has gotten both of us thru this deployment.
See, you never know where your thoughts will take you, and my poor little brain does not slow down, no matter the time of day or nite. It's always thinking about something!!!!!
I think that's one of the reasons I have a hard time going to sleep at night. This deployment hasn't caused the sleeplesness it has just made it worse ;-)

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