Nice Day............

Posted by: cheryl

Today was a pretty good day even tho I was pretty busy. Had errands to run, go to bank, buy groceries, buy fireworks for the 4th...........returned home and put all the groceries away. A couple of hours later it was time to start supper. I was in the mood for Taco Salad tonite so that's what we had. Took it to my sister's house to eat. After we finished eating, that little niece wanted to go outside so we went out for a little while, then she decided she wanted to get in the swimming pool with the "big " kids. My neice (her aunt) held on to her and she was having fun til she took in some water. After that she said she was ready to get out. ;-)
I don't know how they stood the water, it was too cold for me. Today while shopping ,I had bought "Bubba" and "Sissy" each one of those guns that you attach bubble liquid to and pull the trigger to blow bubbles so me and "sissy" played with that for quite a while. I was telling her mama that "Gee, when I was a kid all you could get was a little bottle of bubbles with a little wand in it. haha".
Came back home and started the dishwasher, and now it's time to end another day and mark another day off the calander waiting for Ritzy's return. I am just hoping we have a "nice" day Friday for the holiday. We have a pretty good chance for rain, but I will keep hoping for good weather. Sure would be a waste not to be able to shoot off all those fireworks. ;-) I know....I can always shoot them off later, but it's just not the same......................

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