Happy Fourth of July !

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I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.

We had our regular holiday barbecue at Mom & Dad's. The "platter" is my brother-in-laws. I didn't realize when I took the picture that there was a fly on his hamburger bun. yuk!!!!! ( I can hear Ritzy saying: well the fly has to eat too), I teased him about putting this picture on my blog today and he really doesn't think I would do it. All I know is after he finished eating he went into the house and we never saw him again til about 3 hours later. He was sleeping it off. ;-) I took a picture of that too, but I told him I would not post it ;-)

The first picture is my first try at "shooting" fireworks. hahaha!!! no pun intended. I learned after I got home and started playing with my camera that it has a "fireworks" setting.. oh well there's always next year......

I am kind of new at this digital stuff, can ya tell ?????? I am determined to learn, though!

After lunch we watched the little kids play, they are so cute and funny. We ate our supper and the son and the little kid's dad started lighting firecrackers. When it got dark they finally were able to shoot off the pretty ones. After that the daughter's friend was showing the 6 year old how to dance with lights. He put on a pretty good show. Couldn't get the nephew to get out there with him and dance tho. All of a sudden he got bashful on us.....

I finally came home around 10:30 pm.

Ritzy called today just as I was finishing my lunch, so I went into the house to talk to him, we were about finished with our call when our phones lost their connection. I hate when that happens, because it just seems we have unfinished business and it has to wait until we get to talk again. Gee, it's hard enough when we get to say our good-byes ;-(

Let me just say, the rest of the day would have been better if I had gotten to end our phone call like we normally do.

Well, we have one more summer holiday to make it thru before Ritzy starts home, and I sure am counting down the weeks & days. I have said it many times before and I will keep saying it - I miss Ritzy!!

The "holidays" just don't quite seem like holidays this year...............................

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