Kinda Cute Isn't He??????

Posted by: cheryl

I guess today started out ok enough. I did keep getting interrupted while trying to drink that coffee. The son decided he wanted waffles. I haven't made them in a long time. So we dug out the waffle iron and I proceeded to making him his waffles. They turned out pretty good. he wanted peanut butter and honey in them so that's what he got. Got that cleaned up and Ritzy called. After my talk to him, I then finished up the laundry. The daughter was home so I told her that instead of paying me back that $20 she owed, I would call it even if she would wash and clean Ritzy's pickup. I think I got a bargain, huh???
Of course it is gonna rain, but it stays in the garage, so who cares ;-)
I was sitting at the computer in the dining room listening to the hum of the lawnmower as the son was mowing when "something" moving on the window caught my eye. It was this little frog trying to climb up the window glass. I reached for the camera for some fun, shooting pictures of him. I stuck the camera almost next to the glass and snapped these shots. He didn't even jump away. Heck, he even turned and gave me a profile shot.
I thought about going out and catching him for that nephew, but grabbed the camera instead. I think the frog will appreciate that, if you get my drift ;-)
I see that we have some rain clouds moving in, so I guess I had better get out there so I can weed eat and blow the grass off everything. Then I will watch that rain and storms move in and soak everything again.........

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