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I was wondering where my thoughts would take me tonight when I looked out the window and saw a storm approaching , so I grabbed the camera and started "shooting"...Hope you enjoy.....
The next set of pictures are of some of my flowers that are blooming right now. Some four 0' clocks and gladiolus. That last picture is of the daughter's teacup chihuahua, "Roo". Our "guard dog". The only thing is: her bark is a whole lot worse than her bite, a lot like that "storm" I took pictures of. Got very little lightning & thunder and a few raindrops and that was it!!! It did cool the air down tho......
Today was busy enough, I had to get our church report ready for the business meeting/fellowship dinner tomorrow night. I then had to get some other business taken care of for the church. Let's see.....that only took 4-5 hours. By mid-afternoon I had it finished tho. Still have to figure out what I will fix for the dinner at church......Sometimes I don't know til I just walk in the kitchen and start opening doors ;-)
Talked to Ritzy....which is my favorite time of day. Being able to talk and listen to him makes my day. I also received 3 letters from him today. They usually make me cry, but that's ok....He is so sweet.....It makes me sad to know that we won't be together on our 25th anniversary this year. What are ya gonna do tho????? I think I will just be glad when it is over.
I guess that's enough to think about for one day, I still have to email Ritzy.....don't want to overwork the poor little brain..................

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