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That is exactly the kind of mood I have been in the past few days. I don't know why but it sure isn't any fun. I have been spending the evenings at my sister's playing with her grandkids just to get out of the house. I miss Ritzy so much!!!!!
I went down there tonight, I watched Sissy play outside. This child loves it outside. The nephew lit some fireworks while sissy and I watched.
I came back home and the son made me laugh, which felt good. This may not seem funny to anyone else, but you have to understand the son's sense of humor. He was putting some ice thru an ice shaver. then poured it in a cup, he then dumped it out poured in some pop and them put in some more shaved ice and said " when you put in the ice and then the pop, then the fizz all comes to the top" without skipping a beat he then said " and I didn't mean for that to rhyme, but it just did. he was so serious. it was just the"way" he said it that was so funny. I just had to laugh. We are always kidding one another in this family. That's how a person survives life, I think....... He just beat me to the punch, cause I would have surely teased him about it.
He is alot like me with the sense of humor and being able to find humor in just about everything. The daughter is a lot like Ritzy, always serious about everything, not kidding around too much. I think Ritzy's family thinks I am nuts sometimes, but hey you might as well see the humor in life, and not take it so serious. I have to admit, my being able to find humor has diminished somewhat since the beginning of this deployment, I try and sometimes, like tonite, I am able to have a good laugh.
Ritzy doesn't have that much time left before he redeploys and I thought this would get easier, but I thought wrong, and believe me it's not the first time that's ever happened ;-)
I just want this to be over!!!!!!!!!
Our 25th anniversary is coming up at the end of July and maybe that is part of the reason I have been taking it so hard. I would have never thought we would have to spend our 25th anniversary so far apart.
I'll just have to wait and see how this goes,,,,,,,I hate waiting!!!!!!!!

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