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Well, we took those kiddos to the movie today. It was a pretty good movie. The 3 year old slept thru most of it. How a 3 year old can sleep thru that much noise is beyond me ;-)
Ritzy called about 30 minutes into the movie. I got up and went to the back of the room where I could still see the movie and talk. It was kind of hard trying to talk to him and watch movie at the same time. At one time I had to go out of the theatre because the sound was so loud. The nephew liked it tho and that is what was important.
After the movie we ate at Chili's, which is always fun. I wasn't too hungry so a salad with some of thier lime grilled shrimp "hit the spot".......
After lunch we came home, and here I am. Posting a lot earlier than normal today, I guess because I don't have anything else planned. I also hope to get to bed at a decent hour tonite....
I sit here in my dining room watching all the cars go by. Thinking about everyone finishing their workweek and getting ready for the weekend and it makes me sad. My weekend isn't any different from the last week. Nothing will change since Ritzy is gone on this deployment.
Sometimes I sit out on the patio and watch all the people carrying on with their "normal" lives and all the while thinking that it is so hard waiting until that is happening in my own life again - when Ritzy makes it back from this deployment. Makes me sad and proud at the same time. Not proud I am going thru this, but so proud of Ritzy and his willingness to serve his country all these years.
It is good to get out of the house like i did today so I can forget, at least for a little while, how much I miss hubby.

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