Decorate, cut, color........

Posted by: cheryl

That just about says it all as to how my day went. First my sister, neice and I met up at our church fellowship hall this morning to decorate for my parent's 50th anniversary party this saturday. Took us a while but we got it finished. Looked really pretty too. After that we all went to my sister's house for my neice to cut and color our hair. she is a hair stylist and it sure comes in handy to have one in the family ;-)
my hair was getting "long" and showing some, (ok, a lot of ) gray. Long to me is over 3-4 inches on top and over 1 inch for the rest of it. I told her that when I can "feel" it on my ears or neck when I lay on my pillow at nite, it's getting too long..........Ritzy would rather I let it grow out, and he called while she was cutting it. Told him "sorry" but it was going to stay short. I have had long hair before and it is a pain to take care of. I have always hated spending very much time fixing my hair. My sister, mom and neice will spend up to 30 minutes on their hair and it would just drive me crazy to have to spend that much time on mine. I spend about 5 minutes at the most. I'm lucky because mine has just enough natural curl that I don't have to do anything but put mousse, gel and spray on it. The only part that I ever have to "fix" is my bangs, and I just dry them.
Enough about hair...........i stayed at my sister's house for a while to watch my neices' son and daughter irritate one another, and boy are they good at it. They are so fun to watch. Big brother had better watch out cause "sissy" is going to deck him one of these days and it ain't gonna be a pretty sight. We keep warning him that she will "let him have it" but I don't think the message has sunk in cause he keeps right on bothering her. I just hope I am down there when it happens, hahahaha!!!!!!!!
Came home, cooked supper, ate outside, it was a nice evening. That's about how my day went.
Have to go buy the food for saturday, tomorrow, that's gonna be "fun"......

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