Busy Wednesday

Posted by: cheryl

Today started out ok enough, but as it got going, I started finding more that needed to be done. I spent the first part of the morning working on the church business. I had to go to Vinita to take care of personal business and pick up some snacks for church tonite. Which is something I don't intend to get in the habit of doing. I just happened to be in town so I picked them up. I am afraid if a person starts something like that, instead of being appreciated it will be expected. That's just the way people are. I have enough jobs in my church without adding this little job to the list....
After returning home, I ate a late lunch, then took a nap and by that time it was time to get ready for church tonite. I made the boy eat leftovers for his supper ;-(
Went down to my sisters after church and me and the nephew decided to go to Nowata to get some fireworks to set off tonite. I also told him we might have to stop at Sonic and get something to drink....he didn't turn me down this time ;-)
After buying the fireworks, we went to the Sonic, but he wanted a corn dog, cheese tots and rootbeer. Guess what???? He got it!!!!!
We returned to Nana's and set off those fireworks, he had a blast, hahahaha!!!!!!!!
Sissy slept thru the whole thing. I didn't see her till her mama put her in the car to leave. I think she was still half-asleep then. I sure hope she sleeps tonite.
Came back home and here I am . Waiting for the dishwasher to finish. I don't have a built-in, I have one that hooks up to the kitchen faucet. I didn't want to give up the cabinet space.
It still does a very good job tho. I call it my "maid". Probably about as close to having a "maid" as I'll ever get!!!!
I still have to send Ritzy his daily E-mail, so I better call it quits for now......................

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