Thankful for my Father......

Posted by: cheryl

Another Father's Day has come and gone. I am so thankful for my Father, the love he showed and still shows and the sacrifices he made to take care of his family. Gave him a kiss and told him I loved him today. You never get to old to give "Dad" a kiss and hug.......Yesterday
I spoke about sleeping good last nite....well, I sure did. After attending church and eating lunch at Mom & Dad's, I came home. Ritzy called around 1:30 pm. We talked for about a half hour, told him I was going to sleep the afternoon away, then I got on my bed and fell asleep til 4:45 when I suddenly woke up. I had been sleeping so sound that I had to stop and think what day this was or what time it was. I sure needed that nap after yesterday. Made it to church on time, we start at 5pm. After chruch I went down to my sisters house to play with kiddos. "Sissy was asleep, and brother was lighting firecrackers that his grandpa got him today. I stayed til they were finished for the night. Got back home around 9. I see that it could be stormy tonight, hopefully not to bad. I want another good night's sleep ;-) As far as I know this is going to be a "lazy" week. I do not have anything planned. Just normal housekeeping.....which is just fine with me.
I just want to end with a "Happy Fathers Day" for all the fathers, especially the ones that have to be away from their families because of their service to their country!!!!!

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