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Today started out way too early. I was ready to go to Tulsa by 5:30 am when mom showed up. We went to be with a friend and his family during his heart surgery. We were told it might not be good, but thank God everything went well. After leaving the hospital, Mom & I stopped at the Cracker Barrel and ate breakfast and I finally got that coffee!!!!!! Everything was better after that. ;-)
Oh yeah, let me add that it was pouring down rain all day. Started around 10 last nite and did not stop til about 3 this afternoon. I think we got between 4 and 5 inches. There was water everywhere.
Well after returning home from Tulsa I made a trip to town to return some movies for the son, and came back home.
Later, I had to make another trip to Vinita to go to the bank, put gas in truck ( yeah, that $3.79/gal. stuff) My pocketbook sure does not like that. I picked up some bar-be-que sandwiches for supper.
Since then I took a picture and music DVD that I had burnt down to my sisters to try it on the player and tv we are going to use Saturday. It worked, yea!!!!!!!! I surprise myself sometimes, haha!!
My sister said it would sure be nice if I could make all of us kids one, so that is what i have been doing and am still doing. I only have 1 more to make.
I am so looking forward to this get-together we are having for my parents.
It's a lot of work, but they are certainly worth it!!!!!!
I think I get to stay home tomorrow.........also I don't have to get up before the sun, hahaha!!!!!

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