Turned Down ;-(

Posted by: cheryl

After mowing and weed eating lawn I called that 6 year old nephew and asked him if he wanted to go to the Nowata Sonic and eat a hamburger. He said no,,,,,can you believe it?????????? Turned down by a 6 year old.........he did ask if I would bring him a hamburger and I said "sorry, buddy, if you don't go you don't get anything". So I went alone and ate a grilled chicken sandwich and fries and 2 ice tea drinks. After working outside this afternoon I was really thirsty.......
Speaking of working outside, I was weed eating the ditch because it was to wet to get with the mower. As I was working on the ditch I happened to think that I was holding an electric weed eater and I was standing in water. Not a good combo!!!!!! I came to my senses and said to heck with that!!!!!!! It has been 2 weeks since we were able to mow because of all the rain. I think we are going to be in a dryer weather pattern now. thank goodness!!!
After returning from Nowata I decided to go play with Bubba and Sissy. Sissy and I watched big brother ride his four-wheeler for a while. she pushed her bicycle all over the place. I told her it would be easier to ride it, but she kept pushing away. Never try to reason with a 3 year old. ;-)
She saw the swimming pool and started stripping down. I said ok I guess you can play in it. There was only about 4 inches of water. Brother saw us and joined in. After they played for a while I remembered that I had some new water guns in the truck and told bubba. enough said!!
he was out there to get them in no time. We all three filled the guns and started chasing one another and squirting each other. Sissy can shoot pretty well for a 3 year old. That kept us busy till almost dark. we kept having to "reload", and I got that job. We were pretty wet by the time we quit. We'll save those for another day, you can count on it!!!!!

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