Countdown to Mom & Dad's Party

Posted by: cheryl

I spent nearly the entire day on this computer. I am getting the final preparations ready for that "surprise" party next week. Made a cd with family pictures and music. made sure I had all the pictures ready to set on the tables. Decorated the Guest Book and Photo Album that I am giving my parents. Before I know it the day is gone. I got the privilege of talking to Ritzy 2 times today. I really like that ;-) There are now 3- 24 year-olds ( the son and 2 cousins) in the living room watching tv. I'm gettin the feeling it is time for me to exit and go to bed. My taste of movies and theirs is not the same. They are good boys, they each just have a strange sense of humor...haha!!!!! Being a mother, i am just fine with them in there watching tv, that way I know where they are and they are ok...........
We go out to eat tomorrow. I'm guessing there will be about 20 of us.....Looking forward to having a good time.........but for now I had better get some rest so I can enjoy tomorrow.
Next week will be here soon enough......

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