Run, run, run.....................

Posted by: cheryl

That about sums up my day. First me and mom had gone to visit a church member who is recovering from heart surgery and could not find them home. We then went to Vinita to get some things to fill a box to send Ritzy and a few groceries, stopped at the post office and sent box on its way, returned home and found out they had not given me all that I had paid for. I called the store and sure enough they had my merchandise. Mom said let's go back ( even with the price of gas being what it is) and I said ok. So here goes our 2nd trip to Vinita in one day, and it is 26 miles one way. While there, I called my sister to see what time the nephew played his ballgame and I decided to go with them. After returning home I was trying to figure out why my printer was printing the wrong colors. I had only 1 hour so I uninstalled the printer, turned off computer and by that time they were there to pick me up. Arrived at ballgame and Watched "sissy" about as much as I watched the ballgame ;-) I finally returned home around 8:30 and finished re-installing printer. It worked this time, thank goodness!!!!!!!!! This day was nothing like yesterday, which was really calm and uneventful.........I guess we all need those kind of days in our schedule once in a while.........Ritzy called while I was at Wal-Mart, and the past few times he has called I have been somewhere other than home, I'm beginning to wonder if he thinks I run around all the time. hahahaha!!!!!!
I think tomorrow will be one of those uneventful days again, which is just fine with me.
Running is for the birds!!!!!!!!

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