Wait, What's That I Hear?????

Posted by: cheryl

Oh, never mind, it's "nothing".......for the first time in a while it was quiet last nite and today. No thunder!!!!! It was nice to have a day with no rain. I don't know what got into me today but I got in the mood to really deep clean the house. I thought I better do it, cause who knows when this will strike again ;-)
Maybe because I was thinking about Ritzy only having 3 1/2 months till he leaves Iraq. We are on the downhill slide of this deployment!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel for ones who have family who are just starting. It's hard to be happy when I know others are about to go thru or are going thru what I was experiencing at the beginning of this deployment last year. Is that crazy or what??? I want this to be over so much!!!!
I had taken that nephew down to his Nana's and when I returned home both kids (20 something's) were in the living room playing Guitar Hero. I kind of like the music on that game.
The nephew told me he wished Ritzy was home and that he missed him. He also told me that his uncle is the last thing he thinks about every nite and he says a prayer for him. I told him that Ritzy would really like hearing that. I also told him to keep up the good work......
I recieved about 5 or 6 cards from Ritzy today. He wrote them while he was recovering from surgery. I'm guessing he was really bored. haha!!!! I love seeing his handwriting.......I showed that nephew where I have kept everything that Ritzy has sent me while he has been gone.
Ritzy's being gone is still hard to take somedays tho. I guess it will be that way till he returns home............

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