We Did It !!!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I am so glad we pulled off the surprise party for my mom today. She did not have a clue....She honestly thought Dad was taking her out to eat, because he said that when they got near the church she said, "hmmmm they must be having something at church tonite. He said yes they are and it is for you so you better stop. ;-)

She said she was going to get us. It was so good to see her happy to have her family and friends around to help celebrate. It was a lot of hard work but well worth it. I am really tired.

I bet i sleep good tonite. haha!!
At the party, first-we ate, I read a story about some events in our family in the last 50 years, we showed a video of pictures that i had scanned, and my sister sang a song to them. After that Mom & Dad cut their cake and drank their punch.

I hope they realize how much their kids and grandkids love them.

I told mom I sure have had to do a LOT of "fibbing" this last week when she would call and ask what i was doing or where i was. you see,, the calling is normal for our family, we all keep in touch.......

Mom did not have a wedding cake or reception 50 years ago so we gave her one tonite. I believe she loved it. She has sacrificed so much over the years for her family, it was so nice to see her being given the thanks and attention she deserves.
I still have to e-mail Ritzy.....he called while I was preparing the food this afternoon and just as we were about to say our good-byes for the day the phone connection was lost. I hate when that happens, because it just feels like there is unfinished "business"..........i still have to study to be ready to teach my sunday school class tomorrow. I have to say bye for now..............

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