Pretty Boring Around Here........

Posted by: cheryl

The last couple of days have been a lot slower than "normal". Yesterday I had some errands to run.
After that I went to my sisters to watch her grandkids while she cleaned out the swimming pool to get it ready for the summer.
Those two kiddos sure can wear a person out, whew!!!!!!!
I came home in the late afternoon and fixed supper. Rested the remainder of the evening..
Today I didn't do much of anything. I got up later than normal. Fixed my coffee and breakfast. waited for Ritzy to call. He was tired too. After he called, I stayed on the computer for about an hour then went to lay on my bed for the afternoon. I wasn't feeling so good today. I even went to bed tonite at 8pm, but at 9 my sister called and while she didn't wake me up, it made me awake enough that I just got up and here i am. Made me some flavored shaved ice. i about forgot i had one of those ice shavers. i sure like it. I didn't eat supper, i'm hoping i can go to bed without getting hungry. i don't like to eat late at nite.
Tomorrow we have a good chance for rain. I hope we miss it cause i sure want that lawn mowed. I woke up to thundershowers yesterday morning. They didn't last long, but got the ground wet enough.
Heard a guy in the store yesterday saying that he thinks July will be wet also. I sure hope he is wrong ;-)
I keep saying this, but it's just a fact: I sure do miss Ritzy, and will be so glad to have him home again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't slept good since he has been gone and I won't till he is back.
I have to go help that sister in the morning (if it isn't raining) to stretch her liner and get all the wrinkles out of the bottom. sounds like fun, huh???
I have a feeling tomorrow isn't going to be so "boring"..........

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