First Day of Summer....Just barely

Posted by: cheryl

Summer will start today at 11:59pm. Most calendars show summer starting tomorrow.
It was a lazy day around here. I was tired all day, mostly because I was awakened by my cell phone telling me I had a text message early this morning. I looked at it and noticed it was from the son. It said "Is it just me or does it smell like updog outside?" I thought what the heck is he talking about so, like a fool I go open the door to "smell" outside, not smelling anything I call him and say I can't smell anything, then he informs me that he sent it to all his people, it was a joke that I was supposed to answer----What's updog? and he would reply " nothing with me, how about you!!!!!" I laughed and told him - sorry, I did not have the sense of humor going that early in the morning ;-) especially before the first cup of coffee and breakfast. You have to understand this kid has a weird sense of humor. For that I am thankful. he is really funny
" sometimes".........
Spent most of the day doing NOTHING!!! my neice (that nephew's aunt) brought him ( and his bike) down to the house.. She, the daughter and that nephew rode their bicycles for a while. They came in and the 2 girls decided to go to the Subway in town and get them and the nephew a sandwich. He had already ate about 8 pieces of bacon I had leftover from supper. He must be a "growing boy" cause I don't have any idea where he is putting all that food. haha!!! While they were gone he wanted to write Ritzy a letter, so I told him how to spell some of the words and he did all the writing. I told him that his Uncle will really like getting a letter from him. I am gonna put it in the mail tomorrow. He sure misses Ritzy. They are "buddies"!!!!!
Heck, I miss Ritzy too.................
I have been reading and seeing pictures about the next rotation of National Guard troops leaving for their training (the ones that will be replacing our Oklahoma National Guard). Seeing them and their families brings back a lot of memories and feelings I experienced when Ritzy was getting ready to deploy. I feel for them and will be praying for them..
We have been really lucky the past few days in that no rain has fallen right here, soooooooo hopefully I will get my lawn mowed tomorrow. It has been 2 weeks and it is looking pretty scrubby.
I just want this summer to hurry up and get over with, so fall will get here and it will finally be time for our Oklahoma troops to return home to their families. This is the way I have been dealing with and counting down this deployment. Just counting down the seasons.................

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