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There are just some days when it seems all you get done is run around. I had to go to Claremore to take care of some business getting ready for my parent's 50th anniversary party next week. Then I had to go to Vinita to pick up some prescriptions and items at the Wal-Mart. Ate lunch finally at 2:30 at the new Sonic. Was pretty good.........Came back home and prepared what I was taking for the pot luck dinner at church tonite and by that time it was about 4pm. I went into the living room and sat in the recliner for what I thought was a little while, but I dozed off and the next thing I new, I woke up and it was 6:00pm. I got up, put some make-up on, fixed my hair, changed clothes and headed to church. I did ok though, I made it up there by 6:30..... I hate waking up like that........I was going to my sisters to "bug" those kids afterwards, but a couple of friends and I got to talking after church and before I knew it it was almost 10pm. Where did the time go?????
I was telling them about that nephew and what happened Monday when he came to the house for a while. There was a blue raquet ball on the table and he wanted to play with it,, I told him ok, but do not bounce it in the kitchen. Well, I was busy on the phone and he comes and tries to get my attention and after a couple of tries he finally gets it. When I ask him what he wants he is biting his finger and looking down at the floor, he said he "lost" the ball. I asked him how in the world did he lose it and where did it go. He looks toward the stove where I have a pot of beans cooking for supper. I said: "You didn't let that go in the beans did you??" and he said uh-huh. It had splashed all over the stove, the mini-blind behind the stove and the cabinet. If it weren't so funny I probably would have gotten ticked off. I just said; "See why I didn't want you bouncing that thing in here????" He said uh-huh again and He left it alone after that ;-) There are NO dull moments around this kid!!!!!! I commenced to cleaning up the mess........ I just thought that thing had better not ruin my beans, hahaha!!!!!! I was afraid it might explode while I was fishing it out of the pan..........
Ritzy called just as I had shut off the truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot today and we talked for about 30 minutes. It was beginning to get pretty warm.
I also recieved a call tonight around 11pm from him just as he was about to start his morning at Camp Bucca. That was a very nice surprise!!! I keep saying it but "I sure do miss him!!"
Don't have much to do the rest of the week. That nephew has a ballgame Thursday & Friday, I may go watch him play...........and help Nana keep control of his little sister.......(his Mom & Dad help coach the team), she can wear you out...........but for now I had better get some rest..............

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