The things we do for our kids..........

Posted by: cheryl

I was going to go to bed a little earlier tonite, but as you can see that did not happen. My son had washed his clothes for tomorrow and forgot to put something in that load of wash so he rewashed them. He asked if I was going to be up and if I was, could I put his clothes in the dryer. Well,,,,,,,since I don't have a "job" I said sure. So I am up waiting on them to finish. I can't complain about him too much because he does his own laundry, actually both kids do their own laundry, which is just fine with me....... It's kind of nice right now though because both kids are in bed, the tv is off and it is quiet in the house..Sometimes this is my favorite time of the day..
I also ran to Claremore today to pick up an air conditioner compressor for the son's car, because I'm his mom and I just do things like that for my kids. I know what Ritzy would say: Let him suffer a little........but, mothers do NOT think like that. Their children should be glad!!!!! We took his car up to my Dad's where his cousin came over and helped him and they had it fixed in about an hour and a half. Nice cool air blowing..........I talked to Hubby today, it's always good to talk to him. sometimes the days seem to go so slow with him being was a pretty quiet day around here. I have errands to run tomorrow and our church business meeting/fellowship dinner is tomorrow nite. I sure hope I get better rest than I did last nite. for some reason it was 3 am this morning before I could go to sleep. I had just finished reading LT. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez's book "Wiser in Battle", and got to thinking about this war and how much I disagree with it and also how much I miss Ritzy and I just could not go to sleep. By the way, it is a very good book to read. I love to read, I think my family thinks I am crazy sometimes because I am always reading something. I remember when I was young that I was always reading something.....I do like to read non-fiction/politics the best. I hardly ever read fiction. I think---why waste my time and mind on something that isn't even real. Some may think that sounds silly but that's their right. Well, it's getting late and I am getting tired. It sounds like that washing machine is about finished, so ......Let's just hope that sleep comes easy tonite or I will be "reading" until I get sleepy.........

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