I Sure Do Miss Ritzy!

Posted by: cheryl

I am so proud of hubby for serving his country by being a member of the Oklahoma National Guard. There is also a down side to that - his being away from his family and his home. For some reason today I have been missing Ritzy more than usual. Sometimes it seems like the time left on this deployment is short and sometimes it seems as if this deployment is never going to end. Maybe I have been so busy the past couple of weeks on other things that I just didn't have the time to miss him, who knows...........Someone told me on the phone today - well, the time for him to be home will be here before you know it,,,,,when people say that it really irritates me. When I am feeling this way the problem I am having isn't with his return, it is the fact that he is not here now!!!!!!! They don't have a clue!!!!!!!!!!!
I sat in the house and watched it rain nearly all day. Just before sunset it cleared up and the sun was shining thru my dining room window, it sure looked good......don't get too used to it tho cause it is supposed to be rainy all week, yuk!!!!!! (for lack of a better word) Our Oologah lake level is only about 5 ft away from me being able to see it from my house! With all the run-off water it won't take long to reach that if it doesn't stop raining. Last year around this time of year all the lakes in NE Oklahoma were flooded and closed, it looks like it may be the same this year too.
I just finished sending Ritzy his daily e-mail. If I don't write and tell him what I want to each nite, I ususally forget what I want to tell him by the next day. (i've heard that forgetfulness is a sign of growing old) ;-(
Speaking of growing old. I made my parents a picture movie set to music and was showing it to my brother before the party Saturday, there was a picture of him that I took Memorial Day and he said, "Gee, I look old in that picture", I said well, you know the reason is because you ARE old. He failed to see the humor in that. ;-)
He wears a cap all the time and we hardly ever see his hair, but he has a beard and let's just say he could use some color to cover the gray, hahaha!!!! My sister-in-law told me that when he first started growing it a few years ago he said he would shave it off when it turned gray, but he is so used to it, I have a feeling it's gonna stay.....
I sure am glad Ritzy doesn't have all that hair on his face, I like him just fine the way he is.........
I will be so glad to see him again....................................

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