Just in Time!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I didn't know if we could do it or not, but we did...... While i was at my sister's house this morning, I was trying to call my son to tell him to get the lawns mowed before the rain came. Couldn't get him on the phone. I found out why when I got home. He already had our lawn mowed and was starting on the neighbor's. These kids suprise you once in a while ;-)

We just finished putting everything up just before the storm came in.
We probably received an inch of rain out of it........
That second picture is one of our papershell pecan trees after that ice storm last December. Not much left of it. The tree on the left is the other pecan tree. It is not any better off.......

It will be a while before these trees give me any pecans.
That nephew came over for a few hours this afternoon. I just returned from taking him back to his Nana's. I still have to study for my class tomorrow, write Ritzy, and a few other things before bedtime. By the way; Ritzy has sounded "down" or tired the past few days. He says he is ok but the wife knows better ;-)
I just want this time to go by so he can get back home with us!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss him & I know he misses home!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I can cross another day off the calendar. I will be doing this till Hubby gets home.
The time can't come fast enough for me!

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